Specialised in Heat Treatment​
Developed by iRest Massage Chair Lab

Unique Heating Cape​

A309S’ unique shoulder cape can be placed on desired areas
such as the back, shoulders, and abdomen to warm up the body
and relaxes the muscles, while also boosting the benefits of the massage

Heating Shoulder Cape

It can be used to cover either the back or the shoulder,
heart, and abdominal areas, promoting smooth blood circulation
before/during the massage and effectively relaxing
the entire body for greater massage benefits.

Zero Space

Utilizes minimal space,
only requires a 5cm gap from the wall

Bring designers' top pick
colour into your home.

Recommanded by
Medical Professionals

The spine is incredibly important in our lives.
Safe and consistent management is crucial in preventing
and managing spinal pain. By operating a massage research institute,
iRest has designed massage chairs that cater
to the individual shape of each person’s spine, promoting spinal health
and comfort in the comfort of one’s own home.

I highly recommend iRest’s massage chairs as the best choice
for not only spinal care but also relaxation and rejuvenation of the body.

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