Choose right massage intensity

Choose right massage intensity


Massage therapy is one of the most effective, natural methods of relaxation and physical recovery, whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury or you’ve simply had a stressful day. Numerous
scientific studies have shown that massage provides measurable health benefits,
which become even more valuable as we age.

Unfortunately, the miles we put on our bodies can also bring with them downsides like increased sensitivity to pressure, vulnerability in bones and joints, reduced suppleness in muscles and
fascia, and other assorted bummers. Every person has a different pain threshold, which makes it difficult to set a hard limit for how much pressure is too much. Too little pressure can inhibit the rate of healing, while too much pressure is unnecessary and may even damage soft tissues or skins. These
factors can affect the intensity of massage you should consider.


“ When you get older, your body is always heavy and you will get
a soreness all over the place. That’s why I sometimes visited a massage shop. I
had to make an appointment every time and had to be there on time to the
massage shop, and it was very difficult to go to the massage shop on time
because my body was not comfortable. And each time it was a different masseuse
or depending on the masseuse’s condition, the massage intensity was different
and because of that, the satisfaction with the massage was different each time.
Sometimes it hurt so much that my body was feeling unwell and sore.
Now I am using iRest company’s A600 massage chair. This massage chair always
gently massages my muscles at a fixed intensity. And since I can enjoy a
massage at home whenever I want, I don’t have to go to a massage parlor.
Now, there is no more psychological burden that I had to bare and my usual
condition is very good. Every day is fun. ”

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Product Model. A600

Massage should never feel acutely painful.  If you feel a sharp pain during massage, the chair is applying too much pressure.


iRest massage chairs offer 3 adjustable pressure levels for personalised comfort. Different models have different starting levels of intensity, it’s advisable to visit the store and try out various options to determine the best chair for your specific needs. Some elderly individuals may prefer a particular model, while others may not, so it’s best to find the one that works best for your own body.