Choosing the Best Massage Chair for You in 2024

Physical therapy or healthcare professionals cannot be replaced, but in today’s age where alleviating our pains and improving our lives become increasingly essential, massage chairs are becoming more and more necessary. If you’re considering purchasing a massage chair now, this post will be helpful. This post not only prevents you from wasting your money but also plays a significant role in reducing stress.

1. Massage Styles and Functions

Each chair comes with various massage styles and functions. While some focus on a single type of massage, others offer a variety of massage types. Generally, massage chairs include the following types of massage functions:

  1. Kneading
  2. Rolling
  3. Tapping
  4. Vibration
  5. Heat therapy

It’s also important to check how many pre-programmed massage options a chair has and the number of programs available. More programs mean less repetitive massages when you don’t want to fiddle around with buttons.

2. Massage Areas


Full-body massage chairs can usually massage the back. They may also provide massages for the shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, calves, and feet. It’s essential to check what details the chair has for massaging you.

3. Massage Intensity

a100s_4d shoulder

As massage chair technology advances, chairs with more motors tend to have stronger intensity. Different roller types are available for selection, including:

  • 2D Massage
  • 3D Massage
  • 4D Massage

Over time, your body will adapt to the massage chair’s intensity, so it’s safer to choose a chair with more strength options for long-term use.


4. Massage Track


Massage chairs come with different types of tracks that determine the roller’s range. Common tracks include:


5. Zero Gravity


If you care about your health, you should definitely check this feature. The zero-gravity massage chair positions your body in a gravity-neutral position, offering relaxation similar to lying flat on a bed.

6. Size

leg massage

Massage chairs are not exactly compact, so you need to check the chair’s measurements against the space you have at home. Generally, preparing a space with dimensions around 1m x 2m should accommodate most massage chairs comfortably.

7. ETC Features

Machines come with various features to make them easier to use, provide a more relaxing experience, or offer more massage functions. Features may include:

  1. USB port
  2. Bluetooth speakers
  3. Memory settings
  4. Body scan technology
  5. Heat technology
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Chromotherapy
  8. Air ioniser
  9. Storage slots
  10. In-built wheels

8. Durability

Genuine leather is popular for massage chair upholstery due to its durability and luxurious feel. However, synthetic materials are becoming increasingly popular, especially among high-end chairs, due to their ability to withstand heat and wear and tear. If you plan to use the chair frequently, it’s advisable to purchase a sturdy chair. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that replaceable parts for the massage chair are sold or provided as a service. If there are issues with the leather parts, iRest provides a service for purchasing replacements

9. Ease of Use

Considering the purpose of a massage chair is to help you unwind and relax, you’d want an easy-to-use chair. Many chairs come with intuitive controls operated via touchscreen or remote. Some massage chairs even have voice control, which makes operating the massage chair easier.

10. Prize

Massage chairs are usually significant investments. Prices typically vary depending on features, materials used, and functionality. Since many massage chairs are priced in the higher range, it’s recommended to choose brands that sell directly from the factory without any intermediary costs. iRest is sold directly from the factory, so there are no intermediary costs. Therefore, various promotions are possible depending on the season, and you can save a lot of money when using promotions.

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