Introducing the upgraded 2023 iRest Massage Chair collection

After a long and exhausting day, what if you could enjoy high-quality massage relaxation in the comfort of your home for free?

What if a massage chair could be tailored to your body shape, with adjustable length and shoulder height, delivering precise massages right where you need them?

What if you could monitor your health and receive customized massages based on your body's condition just at the touch of button?

Imagine experiencing a massage as comfortable as lying on a flat bed, with a perfectly angled position for enhanced comfort.

How about having the ability to choose from a variety of modes to target your specific sore spots or adapt to your condition?

And what if you could control the intensity of your deep massage experience?

Introducing the upgraded 2023 iRest Massage Chair collection – where we aim to provide you with the ever-needed and perfect massage chair. We aspire for (you to enjoy a) healthier and happier life style, and we invite you to explore our newly upgraded products for 2023.


Is a Massage Chair Really Beneficial?

Massage chairs have been around for a long time, designed to provide comfort and remedial relief at home, offering more than just a one-time visit to a massage therapist. Thanks to modern technology, they have evolved to deliver deeper massages that may help with reduced blood pressure, lower pulse rate, increased metabolism, and much more.

What Sets iRest Apart?

What makes iRest unique is our commitment to research and development. We've consistently researched and experimented to cater to individual body types, provide spot-on massages, and meet the specific needs of our users, whether they're friends or family. Our 2023 product lineup is already satisfying numerous customers, positively contributing to their well-being.

Special Features of iRest Massage Chairs

As mentioned earlier, the foundation of iRest's confidence lies in our ongoing research. This has resulted in the creation of distinctive chair features designed with fine details in mind. The acupressure cushion on the palm for example, provides more effective arm massage while airbags in the calf area offer a meticulous massage experience for the back calves. Additionally, the flat function extends beyond gravity control, allowing you to lie flat like on a bed, promoting spinal care and a deeper sense of relaxation. We aim to present products that enhance your satisfaction through finer details.

Our iRest Massage chairs


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Discover the exceptional benefits of iRest Massage chairs today. With our own research facility and direct factory sales, we offer top-tier quality without hidden costs, providing you with the best value in the market. Elevate your relaxation and well-being with iRest Massage Chair Australia.

iRest Content Team