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Poor sleep

 Anne Williams, director of education, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and author of Spa Bodywork and Teaching Massage, says, “Massage helps people spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which the body barely moves, which reduces the neurotransmitter associated with pain.”
Furthermore, research by the American Massage Therapy Association and The National Institutes of Health has informed massage therapy can reduce fatigue and improve sleep.

I think my blood circulation has gotten a lot better by using the massage chair. My overall body condition has improved and I can sleep very comfortably. After purchasing the massage chair, my life has changed significantly in good ways. We strongly recommend it getting one~!


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workplace ergonomics and neck pain

 There is evidence in the medical literature that using poor ergonomics in the workplace can lead to neck pain. Multiple studies have found that workers in sedentary, computer-intensive jobs have a higher incidence of neck pain compared with many other jobs.

iRest massage chair is really good for neck, shoulders and back massage. My muscles get stiff, especially in winter. But after purchasing the massage chair, my muscles has gotten softer is more relaxed. Especially with the heating features with the massage in the massage chair, it gave me a very satisfying massage and enjoyable massage during a very cold winter. You can also feel improvement in your blood circulation so you can feel yourself getting healthier.


Long-time driving causing back pain.

 A common cause of back pain is due to your muscles and skeletal system being overly tight oroverworked. A quality massage chair works on your back with rollers to relax your muscles by stimulating blood flow. Heat therapy also helps to relieve back muscles by unwinding tightened muscles, allowing rollers to penetrate deeper tissues and stimulate areas on your back. The unwinding of your back reduces stress on your body.

With long-distance driving, my body condition was never good. My body always felt very tight. But after purchasing iRest massage chair, I take 20 minutes to break on a massage chair before I head for work and after work, I came back from work. Especially the heating feature has made my tight muscle, soft and relaxed. These days my condition is very good!


Intense housework causing chronic pains.

 Sufferers of chronic muscle soreness know that it is a real pain in the neck – both literally and metaphorically. Aside from the daily physical pain, diagnoses are often difficult to pin down, and resulting treatments can be costly. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain. Add in the fact that chronic pain comes with an increased risk for depression, and it seems that relief is out of reach for those who suffer most – and this is having a real and debilitating impact on many lives.

The housework is always endless. Unless there will be less housework to do, I always thought my muscle aches would never get better so I felt depressed. But now I know iRest massage chair! Now I can get best massage at home whenever I can. And now physically and mentally, I have gotten very satisfied with my current life!


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Considers the body so it can create an effect that is
same massage as a professional massage therapist


 Here at iRest, our mission is to provide the best value and best customer experience possible. This means we focus on selling original, high quality, innovative products that we know you will love.

We have a large distribution network in Australia, with our wide retail network and storage facilities spread across every state. This capacity allows us to offer the best and fastest service possible to you.

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