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Heat treatment​

Unique Heating Cape​

A309S’ unique shoulder cape can be placed on
desired areas such as the back, shoulders, and abdomen to warm up the body
and prevent injuries, while also boosting the benefits of the massage

309S’s Special Feature

Heating shoulder cape

The detachable heating cape,
which used to only be available in high-end massage chairs,
is now included in the 309s. It can be used to cover either the back or the shoulder,
heart, and abdominal areas, promoting smooth blood circulation
before/during the massage and effectively relaxing
the entire body for greater massage benefits.

2 Motions calf massage

A new technique has been added
to relieve fatigue in the entire calf using massage rollers
that move along the back of the calf and airbags
that kneading on both sides of the calf.

Stronger massage roller

The improved massage ball applies more intense pressure
to the muscles along the spine, effectively releasing tension and
increasing blood flow by targeting pressure points.
As a result of its increased strength,
users can experience significant benefits in a shorter amount of time.

Bigger Foot roller  

The size of the foot massage ball has been increased
to enable a deeper and more vigorous massage of the soles,
delivering targeted pressure to the foot pressure points and
effectively improving overall foot health.

Isn’t this your story?

Have you ever experienced pain
at the beginning of a massage
due to feeling cold or having a chilly body?

Receiving a massage with a cold body can cause discomfort and
pain as the muscles may be tight due to the cold.
This can make it difficult for the massage chair to work
effectively and may even lead to bruising.
The A309s’ features a unique shoulder cape that can be positioned on
desired areas such as the back, chest, and abdomen.
Placing the cape before the massage effectively warms up the body,
increases blood flow, promotes healing, and reduces the risk of injury during the massage.

Did you feel any pain or discomfort
instead of a refreshing sensation during the massage?

The 309s features a smart ‘auto body shape measurement’
that automatically measures the user’s height and shoulder width
to provide an effective massage that covers the entire body.
By measuring the user’s body shape, the massage chair
can adjust the intensity and positioning of the massage rollers
to target specific areas of tension and provide
a more comfortable and refreshing massage experience.

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