4 Hands massage​

Dual Engine

The dual-engine system,
consisting of two massage engines with a total of 8 massage balls,
provides an intense massage experience for
both the upper and lower body at the same time.

Motion Frame

Massage in a horizontal position of 170°,
like lying on a bed, provides zero-pressure on the spine and legs.
It is only available at iRest

3-step Motion Foot roller​

You can customise the massage experience
based on the foot size and preferences using the adjustable foot rollers
for more precise massage experience.

A801’s Special Feature

Dual engine

Exceptional durability,
lasting for over 10 years of use,
and impressive utility that remains useful even after a decade​
Health detection system​
The 801 is the smartest option for targeted and
appropriate intensity massage to the body’s most essential areas.
It monitors fatigue levels by using a finger sensor
to check blood oxygen levels and microcirculation.​
Smart body scanning ​
The A801 is designed for comfortable and accurate usage
without requiring a remote control,
making it accessible to individuals of all ages. Its smart scanner
technology can even measure the precise foot size,
enabling the chair to deliver a highly effective foot massage.​
Double padded cushion
The detachable extra backrest cushion allows
users to customise their massage experience by attaching
or removing it to the neck/shoulder or back area,
providing targeted neck/shoulders and back massage as desirable.​​
Multi-language support
The 801 supports four different languages, including Korean,
Chinese, Vietnamese, and English,
providing descriptions in the user’s native language.
This feature enables users to receive
more appropriate and personalised massages. ​

Isn’t this your story?

Have you ever been concerned about
the long-term utility of an expensive massage machine,
questioning whether it will remain useful even after long time?​

The 801 is a high-end massage chair that boasts a unique Dual Engine technology
which separately moves from the neck to the back and from the waist to the hips.
The technology, which is rare to find in today’s market,
provides a massage experience that resembles having two massage therapists
working on your body simultaneously, resulting in an ultimate relaxation experience.
Even after a decade, the 801 will still be a valuable tool
in enhancing your health and well-being.

Have you ever experienced pain
when using a foot massage,
instead of getting the desired effective massage?

Massage chairs usually operate with pre-programmed
foot massage routines designed for average foot sizes and widths,
which may cause discomfort for people with smaller or narrower feet.
However, the 801 uses advanced foot roller sensors that
accurately measure the size and width of your feet,
providing a precise massage experience that feels
like having a personal reflexology therapist.​

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