iRest’s SL-type design is specially crafted to accommodate the unique body shapes and sizes of all users, ensuring a comfortable and personalised massage experience.

Our innovative SL-type combination is designed to accommodate all curves from the user’s spine to the hip, providing a comprehensive and personalized massage experience. In contrast, low-priced massage chairs on the market often have only one function of S-type or L-type, which reduces production costs. Massage chairs that lack SL-type technology cannot provide an accurate and safe massage, as each person’s body shape has unique curves.

When purchasing a massage chair, it’s essential to ensure that it has SL-type technology to ensure a comfortable and effective massage that meets your body’s needs.

iRest is dedicated to providing only high-quality SL-type technology in all of its products.

The S-type function in a massage chair refers to the curve of the spine, while the L-type function refers to the shape of the body when seated. If a massage chair is designed with only the S-type function, it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of lower body massage. Similarly, if it is designed with only the L-type function, it cannot follow the curves of the spine, resulting in areas where massage cannot be performed. This limited movement only allows for a simple up-and-down motion from the neck to the hips, greatly reducing its effectiveness.

I experienced a new world I had never known before! How can it be so cool to get a massage on the back to hips!? When I get the massage, the feeling is different from the pain. Always receive very cool massage even in areas that I could not reach with my hands.”
Customers of A600 massage chairs

The perfect combination of iRest’s SL technology and 3D(4D) roller massage technology

All of iRest’s massage chairs are equipped with high-quality SL-type technology, which is seamlessly integrated with iRest’s delicate roller massage technology to provide the best possible massage experience. The SL-type technology responds to the user’s body flexion, while the roller massage technology simulates the effect of receiving a direct massage from a professional masseuse. Together, they create a responsive and effective massage experience that can be enjoyed at any time.

Best harmony [SL-type + 3D(4D) roller massage + Zero Gravity]

From the moment you sit down, iRest’s massage chair makes you feel special. The SL-type technology enables massaging every corner of your body, while the 3D (4D) roller massager simulates the effect of a direct massage from a professional masseuse. Moreover, the Zero Gravity feature minimises joint strain caused by gravity, allowing for a smooth full-body massage that follows the curves of your body in the most comfortable position possible in the massage chair.

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