iRest A100 features the latest advanced technology in therapeutic massage, including innovative acupressure point sensors designed to pamper your entire body. It provides not only respite but also complete relaxation, calmness, and tranquility, offering a luxurious at-home living experience

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

The iRest A100 is equipped with airbag massage technology that effectively targets shoulder pain.
The shoulder area features interactive airbags that rhythmically squeeze and massage, with adjustable width levels that can accommodate different body types and shoulder widths. The chair’s ergonomically designed 137CM super long S+L curve fits the back’s natural shape, providing a comfortable massage experience from the neck down to the thighs, similar to that of a professional masseur.

The calf massage feature also offers customizable length settings, with a maximum extension of about 25CM, making it suitable for users of different heights. Additionally, the built-in negative oxygen ion generator releases 240,000/cm3 negative oxygen ions, helping to induce a relaxed state during the massage, enhanced by the soothing background music, which creates an immersive and natural environment.

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

Why choose iRest SL-A100?

The benefits of iRest SL-A100 include its quiet operation, microfiber reinforced leather material, and customised massage modes tailored to each user’s body shape. Additionally, the full-body stretch massage is a unique feature that allows the user to feel the range of the guide rail. The chair reclines to a semi-lying position, and the manipulator moves along the guide rail from the neck to the root of the thigh, providing a rhythmic massage. The waist airbag‘s twisting massage complements the experience, ensuring that the entire body is relaxed. These features make the iRest SL-A100 a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and customised massage experience

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

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