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The A100 combining aesthetics
with ergonomics in this luxurious design.

iRest A100 features the latest advanced technology in therapeutic massage.
It’s built with innovative acupressure point sensors
designed to pamper your whole body!
iRest A100 does not just provide respite,
it provides complete relaxation, calmness and tranquillity.
Experience luxury at home living with iRest A100.

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

Airbag massage drives away shoulder pain.
For the shoulder points, a rhythmic interactive squeeze airbag massage is set up.
The width is adjustable in three levels, suitable for different body types and shoulder widths; 137CM super long S+L developed according to ergonomics The space curve, deeply fits the curve of the back, from the neck directly to the thigh, the whole body can get a comfortable massage like a real masseur!

At the same time, according to the height of different users,
the length of the foot stand for calf massage can be adjusted at will,
and the maximum extension is about 25CM,
which can meet the massage needs of different heights of visitors at home.
The built-in negative oxygen ion generator continuously releases
240,000/cm3 negative oxygen ions and enters the comfortable dream
of massage with the melodious music, immersing yourself in the natural landscape.

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

Why choose iRest SL-A100?

1. A good massage chair is quiet, just like iRest’s massage chair, there is almost no sound.

2. Made of microfiber reinforced leather. This microfiber leather has the feel of leather without the pungent smell of leather processing.

3. Develop different massage modes according to the body shape of different users.

4. Full body stretch massage can clearly feel the massage range of the guide rail. During the process, the massage chair will lean back, and the person will be in a semi-lying state. The manipulator will walk back and forth along the guide rail several times from top to bottom. The neck to the root of the thigh can be taken care of rhythmically. Coupled with the twisting massage of the waist airbag, the whole body can be well relaxed.

Australia Wide. 1800-879-219

✅ The reasons to choose iRest:
* Over 16 years in the Australia market
* Good customer service
* Low price-high quality directly to customers
* Own delivery and technical team (easy maintenance)
* Fast and free delivery + free assembly (within 200 kilometers from CBD)

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