Top 8 Best Massage Chairs in Australia

The demand for massage chairs in Australia is thriving, with various brands gaining significant attention. With a plethora of options available, it can be challenging to choose the perfect massage chair. We've compiled a list of the top 8 best massage chairs in Australia to help you make an informed decision.


iRest is a famous massage chair brand in Australia founded in 2003. iRest have been providing high-technology
massage chairs all around the country and over the years, we have sold over 100,000 iRest massage chairs through our retail partners across Australia. 

At the forefront of our list is iRest, making a promise of stable quality. iRest chairs boast advanced features such as intelligent controls, customizable massage programs, and a design seamlessly integrated into modern lifestyles.

Relax for Life - Epitome of Design and Comfort

This is a massage chair brand from Japan. Relax for Life is renowned for its sophisticated design and exceptional comfort. Placing a strong emphasis on the latest technology and user experience, Relax for Life offers satisfying massage chair options.

Chi-link - Holistic Wellness Solutions

Chi-link is gaining recognition for its wellness-centric approach. Focused on providing customers with complete relaxation and rest, Chi-link operates as an online-based brand.

Elex - Pinnacle of Technological Advancements


Elex is celebrated for its technological achievements. Showcasing cutting-edge technology, Elex continues to introduce new advancements in the massage chair sector.

Osim - Harmony of Innovation and Luxury

Osim stands out for its innovation and luxurious offerings, boasting a significant following. With premium materials and innovative designs, Osim holds a strong position in the massage chair market. OSIM delivers its brand promise - that of product innovation, design and quality, performance, and safety standards - in products that promote Well-Being and a healthy lifestyle.

Masseuse Massage Chair - User-Friendly Comfort

Masseuse Massage Chair excels in user-friendly design and comfort, attracting a dedicated consumer base. With easy-to-use controls and genuine comfort, it remains a formidable competitor in the massage chair industry.

iRelax - Trend-Setting Design

Starting out halfway through 2014, Irelax officially began in both Australia and New Zealand. iRelax is known for its trend-setting designs, captivating consumers with its high-end design and stylish appearance. 

Intouch - Affordable Luxury


Intouch was founded in 2012, recognized for providing luxurious experiences at affordable prices, is an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers. Offering excellent quality for the price, Intouch stands out as an accessible option.

Selecting the right massage chair involves comparing the unique features and advantages of various brands. iRest, although not covered in this review, distinguishes itself by providing a more substantiated quality of products. Operating direct stores throughout Australia, iRest prioritizes customer convenience, acknowledging the importance of experiencing and finding the perfect massage chair tailored to individual preferences.

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Discover the exceptional benefits of iRest Massage chairs today. With our own research facility and direct factory sales, we offer top-tier quality without hidden costs, providing you with the best value in the market. Elevate your relaxation and well-being with iRest Massage Chair Australia.

iRest Content Team