iRest is a local Australian-owned private company, with headquarters in Sydney.
iRest has grown from our own experience and passion and we first appeared on the market in 2013 when we went abroad and enjoyed our first massage in the massage chairs and filled with pleasure and happiness and we begin to imagine relaxing possibilities from the massage chair.

Furthermore, we enjoyed listening to your needs and opinions the entire time to the gain necessary experience and knowledge to create a top-quality assortment of products, and continuously we prefer to develop our own product range.

We continue to listen to, observe, learn and improve from our valued customers. We keep track of trends and have lots of ideas on how to provide you with the best range of massage chairs on the market. Massage in these chairs has won our hearts and we believe that you will love iRest massage products.

Our value

  While developing iRest, we’ve put in place out a quality policy whose mission to provide you with massage armchairs of a very high standard. At every stage of our operations, we aim to reach the pinnacle of ability and satisfaction in working with us, which included:

Expertise knowledge – manifests itself in continuously expanding in deep knowledge in the widely understood massage chair market, as well as the massage itself and how it interprets into customer needs.

True partnership – both with our valued customers, with whom we develop long-term relationships, and with our employees, whom we treat with the utmost respect, generating an inclusive and friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Conscious commitment – understood both as a positive approach to carrying our current tasks, and also a spirit of openness to our initiative. All of this is consciously in the spirit of work-life balance.

Reliability above standard – in every aspect of our operations, we demonstrate attention to detail, attention to precision and accurate of our operations.

Attempting for perfection – we analyze our performance, draw conclusions and gradually make improvements, constantly increasing the effectiveness of our actions and professional satisfaction.

Our Missions

  We believe that our product range, complemented by our expertise, complete devotion, reliable source of information and the attention we give to your comfort in every stage of the decision-making process, will help you make an informed choice. Remember that your satisfaction, achieved in perfect massage chairs, is our top priority.

● We listen to You and improve all the time..
● We have a professional service team
● We provide an easy term of financing
● We provide a wide range of possibilities
● We manufacture high-quality norms
● We are always up to date and provide accurate information to customers
● We provide a minimum the waiting time for armchairs purchases through by picking and safe courier services with delivery on the following day and providing careful delivery shipping. 

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