What to keep in mind when choosing a massage chair?

  We have hundreds and even thousands of models of massage chairs available on the world market. In particular, Asia and the United States dominate in the number of massage chairs model provided. Even in Australia may have the opportunity to decide between dozens of possibilities, however, to make a firm decision and buy the product wisely, you just need to know (that) :

First, we will start with you and your needs
Secondly, your preferences as it is possible to buy a massage chair for your family member/partners/friends or you can even choose a massage chair for your company. We will go to what you will encounter when searching the massage chair market.

Who’s the target user? Who will get the massage?

  First, if you buy a massage chair for yourself, you should answer the question of whether you want to relax on it, permanently care for your condition, improve your mood or maybe you have some specific problems, diseases associated with the spine. In case of more major issues, you should consult with a doctor, because although it is completely safe and certified, there are contraindications to its use. This is not a panacea for everything, but of course it can help you, allow you to relax, eliminate muscle tension, reduce stress, positively affect the mood… etc.
Secondly, adolescents and the elderly should choose gentle massages. As for people who work stressfully, do physical work, sit a lot, or actively do sports, a stronger massage will be required.
Thirdly, if you are buying a massage chair for someone as a gift, you should consider all the above aspects and adjust them for the receiver. And if you buy it for the whole family, then these features must be suitable for all future massage chair users.
And finally, once you choose the massage chair; you will have to think about where to place it. Living room, or bedroom…

Are you looking for a massage chair for your company’s relaxation room or a hotel? Or maybe you want to open a relaxation salon?

  It is worth considering specifically the place in which the massage chair will stand and obviously who will use it. You have to think about how many people will be massaged every day and adjust the number of massage chairs. On this occasion, you can also consider extending your warranty with enterprises terms.

  Usually, simpler models are chosen. Their advantage is extraordinary hygienic, as they do not massage the feet and can be used without having to take off your shoes. However, it is worth thinking about superior massage chairs that will make a bigger impression, increase prestige, and make customers crave to return and have the massage again. Thinking about the intimacy of the room, the satisfaction of the other senses, such as hearing and smell, will also positively influence the perception of the entire project.

What features are you looking for? What kind of massage do you expect?

Most Vital is Back Massage

  One that takes place with the help of massage arms that inform the masseuse’s hand, as it is the core of the massage chairs. The suitable number of massage techniques and the ability to adjust their intensity or speed will allow you to achieve what matters most – a gentle back massage adapted to each user’s needs.
As our massage standard, we have 5 main techniques and several options to adjust the intensity or speed of the massage, this will ensure the right massage level. Massage arms with spinal scanning system – this should be standard.

The number of automatic programs

  The number of automatic programs is not insignificant. These are predefined 15- or 20-minute massage cycles that intertwine different massage techniques, places of their activity, their speed and width, the scope of massage with massage arms. The standard armchairs massage with their arms in the range from the neck to the loin. The high-end massage chairs have an L-shaped function, which extends the massage range further to the buttocks and thighs.

Massage arms

  Massage arms are usually 4 kneading balls placed on the head. Try to pull out two hands and just straighten your index fingers and thumbs – this is the “simplified” look of the mechanism. The most popular is the 2D system, which operates in two planes, on which the massage arms move. Again, the more advanced massage mechanisms feature has a 3D system that moves in three planes, more precisely matching the shape of the “S” of the spine. And so, at the level of the lumbar region, the massage arms extend further to the spine, while they “hide” toward the massage chair. This allows the massage chair to perform more accurately massage movement, affecting the entire spine. Furthermore, the 3D system allows you to adjust the pressure, which has been mentioned before. 

Massage with airbags

 Massage with airbags: It is a very pleasant addition to the proper massage, performed with the massage arms. Airbags are usually spread across the calves, feet, arms, forearms, and in more detailed seats also at loin height, in the seat and at the thighs. By providing muscle contraction/relaxation, they make the massage more pleasant, while stimulating circulation and relieving stiffness. 

Leg / Feet massage in the armchair

  Leg/ Feet massage in the armchair : Basic massage chairs have a massage with airbags directed to the calves. And with the next armchairs. we’ve got a foot massager that provides pneumatic massage on the feet, pressing them into the reflexology button or the next pillow placed under the feet. significantly, the foot massager is put forward as we mentioned it before while talking about the height. Another interesting feature of massage chairs in the foot massage arena is the massage rollers. Advanced models already have them, and the massage in them is extremely satisfying. The feeling of having a few fingers massage your feet from the sole is so blissful! In the highest –end models, the airbags will also massage the fingers, and the magnetic field will operate throughout the leg massager.


Additional features of the massage chairs

  Additional features of the massage chairs: Each additional function of the massage chair will enhance the massage effect and make you more comfortable. Zero Gravity is a very popular feature among massage chairs. Typically massage chairs spread it back and rest the legs in an upright position. The massage chair with the Zero Gravity function that opens, tilts the entire seat (like on a rocking chair), which reduces muscle tension along the spine, making the massage more comfortable and more effective.

Other features that can be encountered are Zero Wall, air supply of ionized air, Bluetooth music, application control, etc. It is impossible to list them all, and new products are constantly appearing.
The choice of additional functionalities depends on you and your needs. Each additional function will increase the effectiveness of the massage or simply enhance the level of pleasure you get in the massage chair and prices is also increasing…

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