Why warm-up is important?

These days, many people are interested in losing weight and planning their diet and workout routines. However, most people miss something very important.  It’s warm-up exercises.
Let’s find out why warm-up is important!

The necessity of warm-up exercises.

The body consists of large muscles, bones, and nutrient vessels, which must be organically linked to these three things. The following are reasons why warm-up exercises are necessary:

1.To increase the range of motion of each joint involved in the movement.

In everyday life, you can observe that the range of motion of each joint is much larger and more diverse than usual when exercising without any problems, one of the main points of which is to increase and facilitate this range. In the case of a marathon, the hip joint shows a significant difference in the range and angle of operation when walking and running. Therefore, if sufficient pre-exercise is not involved, a dull or unpleasant feeling may last long during and after the exercise, so the warm-up should be soft enough to accommodate the range of motion during the exercise.

2.To increase the reaction and activity of various related enzymes that generate heat and produce energy.

When the body moves, it produces heat (motor energy). In addition, various enzymes are involved in continuously generating this kinetic energy, which is to induce participation more quickly and efficiently.

3. To reduce the risk of injury.

Softening joints and muscles can prevent or reduce various injuries caused by unexpected movements or repetitive motions. For this reason, rules are now being tightened to ensure that even production and labor sites conduct warm-up exercises, including stretching, before entering production activities.


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