Zero Gravity & Zero Space

Zero Gravity & Zero Space

A zero gravity massage chair comes with a moveable footrest that helps to extend your knees and elevate your feet slightly above your heart. This creates a sense of weightlessness by taking pressure off your spine, with the greatest benefit being improved circulation.

This technique was first developed by NASA for its astronaut training program, to alleviate some of the physical stress on the human body as it launches through Earth’s atmosphere.


What Does a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Do?

Gravity continuously puts pressure on our bodies, forcing our spine and joints to adopt unnatural positions. This results in bad posture, back and joint pain, and discomfort. iRest zero gravity massage chairs follow the natural shape of your spine, creating an S-shape and raising your legs above your heart level.

What is Zero Gravity Positioning?

The zero gravity position comes from a concept developed by NASA to incorporate comfort and functionality in zero gravity situations. It refers to a position in which your legs are raised above your heart level, relieving pressure on the spine, improving blood flow and making you feel more relaxed.

Raising your legs above heart level simulates weightlessness and allows blood – and oxygen – to flow more easily through your body. This position is often used by astronauts in space and is said to be one of the best positions to relax and sleep if you suffer from back pain. It’s especially good for lower back pain, as it relieves pressure from your abdomen and tail bone (coccyx) area.

iRest zero gravity function allows you to enter the weightless position,
which involves up to 166° positions to minimise the strain of gravity on your spines, 
and thus effectively relieve your back pains.
Beyond the zero gravity, you will feel the weightless, stressless, and painless.

Invite you to the amazing Zero Space!

The iRest massage chair has a zero-space function so that it can be used even in a small space. Zero Space is a function that eliminates neglected space by implementing a sliding method that reduces unnecessary space generated when the angle of the massage chair lies back and wakes up. The Zero Space feature is built into all iRest massage chairs, providing you with the full benefits of massage in even the smallest of spaces.

The iRest massage chair is designed for maximum efficiency in space utilisation, so you can get the best massage experience wherever you are.